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Payroll Software Systems

Payroll Software systems have been designed to produce administer and look after the employee information and payroll procedure of standard to large-scale organizations. This software is capable of keeping attendance, calculating different income components (and various other income reports) according to end consumer necessity.
  • Calculation of salary according to attendance of an employee.
  • Calculations of salary components like Basic Salary/wages, DA, TA, HRA, Provident Fund, ESI, LIC Salary etc. can be done up to 9 fully customizable additions and subtractions in regular salary.
  • Mathematical equation of average salary workings
  • Maintaining the actual presence and absence of employee, reliability upon Basic pay or Gross pay.
  • Half days, Weekly holidays, paid holidays and Overtime calculations can be done easily.
  • Provident fund, ESI Rates, Creating Pay-slips can be generated quickly.
Other than this, the user can generate comprehensive reports from the payroll software like Monthly salary/wages statements, Provident fund/EPF statements, LIC and Bonus Statements, Incentive statements, Salary increments, Overtime register, Full & Final settlement receipt of employees who has left the organization, Legal PF forms like Form 16, Form 24, Form 12, Form 6(a), etc.
The features mentioned above in Payroll software systems in Mumbai are easily available in all the products, but we provide unique range of products having unique and user friendly features which can be understood by anybody by learning few basic features. Several companies make payroll software in Mumbai, but our Pay roll software helps you to mail the pay-slip to each and every employee mentioning all components in a proper manner. You need not have to worry about the accuracy, as the software is made by our expert team after putting strong efforts.

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