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Smart Access Junior/Smart Attn:
Time handling is very important in this modern business world it increases efficiency and profitability. Attendance system handles timing with precise and accuracy and reduces man-power of organizations. Smart Access Junior/Smart Attn handles complete attendance system. It reads datfiles and generates attendance details of employees, which include attendance timing, leave records, on duty records, etc. It includes more than 50 reports.

Visitor Tracking System:
Visitors Tracking & Gate controlling system is about the activities take place at the gate of any organization and aim of the said system is the computerize the said activities, bridge the gap between the manual and computerized system and take the advantage of automation in the benefit of organization.

Canteen System:
Canteen System used to manage canteen day to day operations and simplify the accounts of individual employees. Swipe Card uses for this system. This software produces consumption and cost of each employee. This generates daily, periodically and monthly reports of consumption and cost, etc..

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