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Hand Metal Detector

Product Detail

Alarm Mode
Sound, Vibration , Led Lights

Hand Held Metal Detector features Fully Automatic self adjusting circuits. Inbuilt battery charger. Detects all metal objects, ferrous & nonferrous including stainless steel. Very quick & clear response to metal objects with proportional audible (buzzer) & visible (LED) indicators. Will not affect cardiac pacemaker & magnetic tapes. Fill strength does not exceed the limit set by the NILECJ-0602 standard. Buzzer sounds continuously when battery needs to be changed or recharged.


  • Auto set.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Detects all metals of Ferrous, Non-ferrous & Ferrite.
  • Bigger search coil.
  • Variable audio on metal detection indicate size of metal.
  • Visual indications for ON, Metal, Charge & Low battery.
  • Dual power - 9V Rechargeable battery & 9V dry Cell.
  • Low power consumption- Continuous use 350 hrs or more, In - built charger.
  • Sturdy ABS molded body.

Price Range

  • Rs.2850 - 4500.